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    Click the 'Reserve Now' button to add a new reservation.

  • Reservation Search

    Reservation Search
    To get started with your reservation, supply some search criteria. To get the most accurate list of results, it is important that you specify the campground, your arrival date, the number of nights you plan on staying, and the size of your camping equipment.

  • Search Results

    Search Results
    This page will take you to a list of available sites based on the search criteria you specified. If you want more information about a site, you can click on the name of the site for a description. When you find the site you want, you will select the "Add" button.

  • Add to Cart

    Add to Cart
    After you select the "Add" button, the site will be held temporarily in your cart for fifteen minutes. After that fifteen minutes, if you haven't completed the checkout process, that site will be returned to the available inventory for other users to reserve.

  • Occupant Information

    Occupant Information
    This page asks you for the information about the occupant. Only this named occupant may check-in at the park.

  • Review

    This page allows you to review all of the information you have supplied to ensure its accuracy.

  • Rules and Cancellation Policies

    Rules and Cancellation Policies
    This page outlines all the Maine State Park rules and the cancellation policy. It is important that you read and understand these before finalizing your reservation. You also have the opportunity to print those following your payment.

  • Payment

    This page requires that you supply a valid Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit or debit card number as well as billing information. Your card will be charged immediately and all charges will show up on your credit card statement at "Conservation-Bureau of".

  • Confirmation

    The confirmation page gives you a brief description of the reservation you just made. You are able to print your permit at this time as well. An email confirmation will be immediately sent to the email address provided on the payment page with this permit as well. If you lose your email and the permit, don't worry! The service allows you to go online at anytime and reprint the permit.

Contact Phone Number: Reservations Call Center: In Maine: 800-332-1501; Outside of Maine: (207) 624-9950; TTY: Call Maine Relay 711
Contact Email Address:
Reservations Call Center hours of operation: 9:00AM to 4:00PM Monday through Friday from the first business day in February to the second Friday in September (except State and Federal holidays).